Said God to Steven and Adam one day…one day when they still lived with Him and before they’d made their journey to earth…. “Boys, things are getting pretty bad down there.” Steven and Adam agreed.



They’d been watching too.  “So many things have gone wrong,” God continued, and he looked sad. “People are caring more about themselves and their possessions than making a difference in the world by helping those in need of compassion, service and grace. Good people are taking the wrong paths and people have become downright selfish! Patience is one of my most prized virtues and I see very little of it.  Steven and Adam continued to listen, because that is what you do when God speaks.

“And compassion! Where has it gone?”

“I care about my children, boys. And I can’t let this continue. So, I’m building an army to save the Earth.

An army to save the Earth! That sounded rather spectacular and huge to the boys.


“I’ve assembled thousands of warriors and I’d like to ask you both to join. Now, this is not a military armed with machine guns, tanks and bayonets. And this is not an army which I’ve amassed t to combat tyranny, threat and danger. We have plenty of those already.  No, this army is much different but equally critical for this time on Earth.

Like any soldier, you will be asked to make tremendous sacrifice. I hate to ask it of you, but it’s necessary.” God looked at Steven and Adam. He knew them both perfectly and was absolutely confident that their choice would be, “yes.”  Because it was their choice. There was no force. 

God continued none-the-less. “People have not been taught what the meaning of life is, because so many aren’t doing meaningful things with their lives. So many of my children down there long for purpose, but don’t know where or how to find it. My army is to help my lost ones find themselves – to find joy, purpose and direction.

I spoke of sacrifice earlier. I know you will both be willing to sacrifice anything I ask of you, because I’ve seen your character already and you are some of my most valiant. But let me explain further. You will be sent to Earth as babies, perfect and whole. Your mother and fathers, family members and friends will immediately love you. But I must take away much of your perfection and health which was given early in your lives. Your families will grieve. Especially your mothers. They are waiting for you as we speak. They are waiting to love you. But they must grieve because grieving fosters compassion and empathy for others. Grieving can crush a soul or build strength, but for your mothers it will build eventual strength. And they will take that pain from their terrible loss and put it into action.

They will find others to help you, because they won’t be able to do it on their own. You will both require so much assistance, that no one could do it on their own. Some who come to help you will think they’ve got it all figured out. But once they start working with you, they will realize that there is more to life than what they originally thought. They will learn that when you give freely, you receive even more abundantly. Every life that meets yours will be touched and changed for the better and forever. Having the opportunity to love and teach you will send many on paths they would have never taken without your influence.

Pride will turn to humility – because of you. Anger will transform to the desire to help because of you. Selfishness will change to selflessness because of you. Many will choose career paths dedicated solely to helping others….because of you. And good people will become better people because of you.

But you will suffer. What I ask of you is not easy. There will be periods of pain and confusion. There will be frustration for you each, because it’s difficult to attempt communication and to be trapped within your bodies. But there will be many who will assist in alleviating your suffering and help you progress and develop. And that’s a meaningful, tender and memorable work.  And it will change them….permanently. And the world will be better.

And Steven and Adam willingly accepted God’s request. To come to Earth perfect and to suffer painful and horrible regressions for the good of mankind. And these chosen boys endured agony as very young infants because they agreed to do it. And they lost themselves for a while. But their mothers and their helpers never gave up because watching Steven and Adam regain much of what they lost was a miracle daily. And helping someone who really, really needs you brings meaning to your life.

And Steven’s mom chose a career where she’s helped hundreds upon hundreds of kids and mothers and fathers, who truly needed her love, influence and knowledge to survive it here.

So…..Adam and Steven, where would my life be today without the likes of you? It would take an entirely different post to catalog all of the hundreds of things I’ve learned and the myriad of ways my life has been enriched because of you and hundreds of other kids like you.

So, let me just take this opportunity to say thank you to you and to all of the individuals with autism who made the same sacrifice as you. Thank you for saving me from a life which may have been filled with selfishness, pride, and a lack of empathy and compassion for those who suffer (in any way). You’ve opened my heart to love more than I would have imagined it could. Helping others like each of you brings me more joy than most things in this life and I owe it all to you.



Now, Steven and Adam…in a few days you will be separated by over 1,500 miles – and just as you were really getting to know one another. I believe you knew each other before this Earth and that you waited a long time to find one another here. And even though you share no blood relation, you ARE brothers. Brothers in pain. Brothers in triumph. Brothers in affecting change in this often-scary world.  And your moms will make sure that your relationship with one another will continue to grow and blossom, because it’s important. It’s important for you and it’s important to us.

So Adam and Steven: keep pressing forward. You are impacting lives every day. You inspire, touch and motivate everywhere you go. You valiant and brave warriors, you.






2 responses to “Brothers

  1. Perfectly said. I could feel the pain behind it as I read it. You know how I feel about Adam and now Steven and their destiny. Beautifully and lovingly expressed by someone who volunteered to raise Adam…..

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