Here’s To You!

Here’s to a Friday night welcome…11-months-in-the-making filled with hugs and tears and the world’s BEST GUACAMOLE.

Here’s to herb smelling and guessing. Chocolate Mint! Who knew?

Here’s to Quakers and here’s to Mormons. And here’s to love of God.

Here’s to blue butterflies instead of Door Matts.

Here’s to inaugural (and deliciously SPICY) Huevos Rancheros for this group of whities and the accompanying morning-after side-effects for a certain 13-year-old.


Here’s to laughter the whole weekend that made my belly hurt.

Here’s to no blank walls, but walls covered instead with family history and stories and a certain “Bug’s” gift.

Here’s to close calls with a brand new computer. Phew!

Here’s to old fashioned record players and an LP-listening kitty.

Here’s to a sweet and compassionate father for Lacey and Steven. (So worth the wait, right?)

Here’s to tic phobias and tic removal. (Hooray for Vaseline!)

Here’s to Facebook hacking!

Here’s to a house full of smiles. You’re always smiling, aren’t you?

Here’s to tomato planting and tornado warnings that were only warnings.

Here’s to the Mellow Mushroom and gluten-free outings; here’s to Chase and Camp Barnabus!


Speaking of that, here’s to fence-post digging and a future haven for Steven and doggies.

Here’s to Abby and art projects.

Here’s to farmers markets: kale and spaghetti squash, chorizo and healing balms.


Here’s to laughter (did I already say that – well here’s to laughter again).

Here’s to talking religion til 1 a.m.

Here’s to a home-based clinic, that was once just an idea – a dream. A clinic whose walls pulsate with love, learning, compassion and meaning – even when it’s empty.


Here’s to respect. And asking your father to be excused from the table.

Here’s to sharing hot water and inhalers and boy’s clothes.

Here’s to purses left behind and a sweet and frantic rush to the airport.

Here’s to missing some critical elimination minutes of The Voice (but still loving me anyway).

Here’s to sharing the same dietary restrictions! (Someone may or may not have gained 10 pounds on her vacation). Here’s to eating like a queen!

Here’s to the Bug living her dream and two selfless parents repaying her for her years of selflessness. Can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Here’s to changing lives by engaging in the most meaningful work. For helping those without a voice, find theirs.

Here’s to M-CHAT relief.

Here’s to Choosing Love (And Lacey Bug choosing it too).

Here’s to story sharing – some amazing and some horrific – and here’s to the trust and love we enjoy to share those stories.

Here’s to beautiful similarities and differences between our boys and our families.

Here’s to blue ink faces and fingers.

Here’s to back-yard sitting and feasting and ribs and asparagus and Kool Kale Salad.

Ooh! Here’s to carrots and Tahine! Look what we found at (insert gasp) Sam’s Club!


Here’s to Chick-FilA fries for Breakfast.


Here’s to principle, passion, knowing yourself, embracing every day, staying positive, overcoming the impossible.

Here’s to beautiful wooden stairs, crafted with love.

Here’s to Taki bracelets (did you hear the squeals from California?)

Here’s to wrench-turning showers!

Here’s to three categories.

Here’s to turquoise kitchens.

Here’s to “special” salsa saved just for Steven and Adam, the biggest double-dippers this side of the Mississippi.

Here’s to the Bank of Fayetteville for an ATM machine that works and other great reasons.

Here’s to roasted beets and natural jelly beans.

Here’s to a bedroom the color of sunshine with the best, most comfy bed.

Here’s to playing five instruments, speaking two languages, singing with the voice any professional would envy, song-writing….(how do you keep it all in your head?)

Here’s to overcoming evil professors!

Here’s to aspiring authors.

Here’s to forever bonds. I know it will be. I know it.

Here’s for sticking to your grits, supporting the little guy, shunning the big ones and thinking of future generations more than your pocket book.

Here’s to blue light bulbs.

Here’s to cluttered refrigerator doors (but not as cluttered as mine, right? Can’t believe I’m actually sharing this dirty laundry online)


Here’s to activity tables and jigsaws!

Here’s to dirt road drives and blood orange ice cream cones!

Here’s to driving too fast through Johnson.

Here’s to gluten-free snicker doodles.

Here’s to happiness – not waiting for it to happen, but making it happen.

Here’s to cleaning the kitchen in pig tails and overalls with the doors and windows wide open.

Here’s to a charming dining room.

Here’s to epic Team Steven meetings. (I’m only going by what I’ve been told, but I can imagine!)

Here’s to smiles so frequent my cheeks fatigued.

Here’s to railroad pictures and a gentle and loving friend and photographer. And two of the most handsome boys who ever lived.



Here’s to 11 months away that really changed nothing.

I miss you. I love you. Thank you for three days of happiness beyond happiness.

Miss Amy and Carlos – here’s to you!




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